Book Review: The New Who Programme Guide

BDWPGy Paul Smith (Wonderful Books)
Review by Chris Gardner (@chrisgardnernz)

With Doctor Who taking a rest until Christmas now is the time for a new Who marathon.

Whether you start with Rose, the episode with which Russel T Davies bought Doctor Who back to television in 2005, or pick and choose your favourite stories, there’s no better companion than Smith’s book.

It has been written as a sequel to Jean-Macr Lofficier’s Doctor Who Programme Guide, which covered the original run of Doctor Who from 1963 until 1989, and Lofficier’s raves about it in the foreword.

Smith covers everything from Christopher Eccleston’s introduction in Rose in 2005, through David Tennant’s tenure and on to Matt Smith’s departure in Time of the Doctor in 2013.

There’s been so much great Doctor Who in the last 11 years that even the most dedicated Doctor Who fan cannot remember everything.

Smith puts every story under the microscope, listing title and broadcast date alongside the writer, director, guest stars and cast before covering the key plot and revealing where it appears on DVD and Blu-Ray alongside the BBC catalogue number.

Smith also covers the online episode prequels and Children In Need Specials as well as official Doctor Who computer games.

An index of actors names is also helpful.

This is a great little book that no fan of “New Who” should be without.


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