Classic Who: The Curse of Peladon (Jon Pertwee – 1972)

The Curse of Peladon DVD Cover.jpgThe Doctor takes companion Jo along for their first joyride in the TARDIS and lands precariously on a planet called Peladon. Thus begins another good old fashioned adventure on an alien world, complete with silly costumes, silly voices (the high pitched voice of Alpha Centauri was really hard to deal with at times lol) and silly rituals, as the Doctor pretends to be a delegate from Earth who (along with an assortment of little green men), must decide whether Peladon can be accepted into the Galactic Federation.

The aliens really do look quite silly, but then again this is to be expected from a 1970s TV show on a tight budget, and to be honest it is unique and imaginative.

Jo’s character does develop more through the eAlpha Centauripisodes, though the storyline of her pretending to be a princess and fall in love with the king was atad iffy. An unfortunate cliché, but at least it’s something! I did genuinely think she was going to stay behind at one point, but nope (bugger).

Elsewhere, the Ice Warriors are fleshed out, having put their warlike ways behind them and become a peaceful member state of the Galactic Federation. It was weird to see them behaving honourably, even saving the Doctor’s life, but I liked it bas I had only seem them alongside Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor in the new series as angry aggressors.

Ice warriors.jpgBefore leaving, the Doctor muses that the Tardis is probably still under Time Lord control, because their arrival was so perfectly timed to provide assistance. I found this amusing, because the Tardis’s arrival ALWAYS seems to be perfectly timed to provide assistance!


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