MK1 Comic Book Store – Hamilton, NZ

Comic book store situated in central Hamilton New Zealand. Check them out on,  FaceBook and Twitter

IMG_7019How long has the shop been open?

Since April 1989!

Comics and Graphic novels seem to be making a strong comeback these days, have you seen a difference over the last few years?

It’s the still the backbone of our shop – and where my own passion lies.. What’s changed I think is the acceptance as genuine reading material rather than being viewed as a cheating reading option or lightweight material.     

Funko Pop Vinyls are also a huge craze, are these are popular seller?

Oh yeah – taking up more and more space in the front of the shop!

How much Doctor Who stock do you stock and are they quick sellers?

Lots – Books/Magazines/Comics/Posters/Toys/Coffee Cups – all sorts of merchandise… Doctor Who is a perennial product line for us – appeals to a big age range – both male and female.   We have always had a Doctor Who section in store.  

How many people work in your sIMG_7021tore?

Two full timers, two parttimers and a roster of casuals to help us with events etc.

Do you get more store sales or online?

We are first and foremost a physical store – online is growing but our main focus will always be the physical shop.

What does 2016 have in store for MK1?

Free Comic Book Day 2016 is shaping up to be the best one yet – our new site will continue to expand our online offerings (we are about 45% of the way through loading up the product!)  We have a little secret project as well – stay tuned!

DIMG_7020o you attend the Armageddon expos?

We attended the Hamilton Armageddon expos – very sad to see them move away from the Waikato.

Do you have anything else you can tell me about your store

The shop has a lot of fans and we are well looked after- we offer committed customer service a very efficient mail order service for monthly comics and magazines  but an informal fun attitude to go with it.  We aim to bring this  approachability on line – and always welcome emails/facebook/twitter interactions! Bring it on!


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