Rob Hull – Owner of World’s Largest Dalek Collection

Rob Hull is a leRob Hullgend! Living in UK with this wife Dawn and 4 grown up children (and a very adorable granddaughter) he is the Guinness World Record Holder (since March 2011) for the biggest collection of Daleks

How did you get into Dr.Who?

…. I’ve grown up with Doctor Who and remember it from when I was 7 years old, it was the Daleks that got my attention in the first place and yes I did hide behind the settee lol

What does collecting mean to you?

…. My collecting is a great pass time for me, I’ve done it for so long I don’t really think about it….I just collect.

If your record is broken, how will you respond?

…. Aaaarrrrr!!!! No… on a serious note I would be dev-astated, so much time and passion has gone into my collection but records are there to be broken, I have been told a number of times that others have a bigger collection but we have not seen the proof yet.

Why collect Daleks?

…. They are locked in my mind, but in a good way, some people Joke that I’m psy-chologically disturbed by my Mother for not buying me a Dalek…..I remember standing in Doncaster town center when I was 7 years old and asking my Mum to buy me a Dalek that I’d seen in a shop window, she said no as she could not afford to buy it, I stood there with my fists clenched very tightly saying to myself” When I get big!! ….I’ll get my own Dalek!!” so 26 years ago I did.
It has been great fun being on TV a number of times and being in lots of newspapers and magazines round the world, I never set out to be in the Guinness World Records, it only happened because Guin-ness contacted in November 2010 after seeing one of my videos on youtube and asked if I was inter-ested in the possibility of being in the book, so in February 2011 five people from Guinness invaded my house (it was a very Surreal day!) to get the picture and count the Daleks to be entered into the 2012 edition.

How much money would you say has gone into your collection?

…. to be honest I don’t know but it must run into many thousands, but I’m well insured lol

What do your friends and family think of your record and collection?…. Mixed emotions really, my wife to be honest does Not like the Daleks but that’s going back to when she was little and being frightened of them, with the rest of my family and friends it’s always a talking point on how the collection is coming on, what have I bought lately and done and so on.

What is your current career?

…. Dalek collector lol

Check out Rob’s latest updated video here.


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