Titan Comics Review: Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor #2.1

2.1I have always been a big fan of comics. Having grown up reading the likes of Beano and Archie I have loved the graphic illustrations and great storylines. This year I have decided to start collecting (and reviewing) the awesome Twelfth Doctor Adventures Year Two of the Titan Comics collection (amongst others). So here goes….

I saw some (somewhat) ‘spoilers’ for this issue months before it came out and could not wait to get my nerd-girly  hands on it , and I was not disappointed!! Amazing artwork (by the amazingly talented Rachael Stott) as well as a cameo from the fantastic Captain Christel.

Something creepy is happening at a school on a dark and scary night…chalk is writing itself (reminiscent of ‘Listen’). Clara’s friend Christel (hurray Christel Dee for getting this amazing cameo!! Squeee!!!) is being chased by some grim-faced children of the damned and disappears!! (ohhhh….). Here is my interview with Christel

12th2.1_Preview2Meanwhile, the Doctor is getting in a bar fight with a horn-headed pirate…when did the Doctor start drinking??? And yes he did dispense with a bunch of homicidal pirates simply by sliding on his shades – yes, it may not be as cool as but its still pretty awesome..deal with it!!

Upon hearing of her friend has disappeared Clara takes a position in the exclusive Scottish school . The Doctor heeds Clara’s call to come and investigate the Scottish spookiness and it isn’t long before they find things are not as they seem.

This being my first Titan Comic, I am not overly familiar with the writer but this story is packed with a bit of mystery, a bit of horror, and a good deal of humor. The Doctor’s side-story is well-written and reminds me of when 12 had the axe-battle in Series 9.

Rachel Stott provides the wonderful artwork for this issue (check out my interview with her here). Her style is so impressive!!

Meanwhile…. The slightly creepy pretentious teacher and his student stumble on something extremely fishy down by the beach, some creepy stinky fish of doom…dun dun dun!!!

This is a great start and can’t wait to read more!!  If you’ve been on the fence about starting this comic, start now! This issue is on sale from Titan Comics now.

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  • Writer:Robbie Morrison
  • Artist: Rachael Stott
  • Colorist: Ivan Nunes
  • Letterer: Comicraft
  • Cover AAlice X. Zhang
  • Cover B: Photo cover by Will Brooks
  • Cover C: Rachael Stott & Ivan Nunes
  • Cover D: JaKE

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