Titan Comics Review: Tenth Doctor (Jan 15)

Tenth Doctor 2016

#6: The Weeping Angels of Mons

Writer: Robbie Morrison
Cover Art: Tommy Lee Edwards
Artist: Daniel Indro

The Tenth Doctor and companion Gabby arrive in the middle of World War I France, right on the Western Front. But there is something else just as traumatic going on, something is feeding off the men on the trenches, an old enemy of the Doctor, one that you to watch out for – hint: Don’t blink!!

This story gets you from the start, the first frame pluges your head first into the wold of war, right in the trenches. You learn the lives of the fighting men, their loves, and fear and tragedies. It is superbly well-written.You really start to feel for the characters and keeps you flipping pages. And the artwork is amazing, a very gritty realistic war-time feel – the uniforms, landscape and brownish tone are compelling and keep you reading.

You get short glimpses of the enemy, hints as to just what’s happening and the drama and horror that is yet to unfold.

Oh, and don’t forget the addition of the humorous strips by #WeLoveTITANS and Rachael Smith. These will definitely give you laugh after such a scary story.

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