Comic Review: Twelfth Doctor #2.2

2.2 variant 4In the remote Scottish boarding school Ravenscaur, Clara and the Doctor have found there’s something fishy with the students and faculty.

Clara has taken up a teaching position at the elite school in order to find out what happened Ned to her friend. The Doctor himself is also posing as the new groundskeeper to keep on eye on her. The prime minister is set to arrive so time is running out fast. Two of her students haven’t yet fallen under the spell that seems to spread through the other student body so join up with Clara to help find what it is going on. What they find is that there is ALOT more to the history of the school than anyone knows!!

Before I go any further can I just say something about the bathtub scene…. I was totally NOT expecting that!! Lol 🙂 The Doctor and Clara are getting VERY comfortable with each other!!

This is an awesomely crafted story which hits the voices of Clara and the Doctor spot on!! The characters and emotion really pull you in and draw you from panel to panel.

Rachel Scott’s artwork never fails to amaze! uilding on the atmosphere of the story and using the claustrophobic narrow streets of the town and dank depth of the caverns under the school, She builds the sense of menace and foreboding from panel to panel and the details are exquisite (fancy word lol).

Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor 2.2 is on sale now from Titan Comics.

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