Titan Comics: Eighth Doctor #3

Eighth Doctor 2016Writer: George Mann
Artist: Emma Vieceli
Cover Art: Rachel Stott & HI-FI

The Doctor and companion Josie are in Edinburgh 1866 and walk in a theatre to watch Philppot’s Magisterial Delights, for the magical delights of a cam calling himself “the Silversmith”.

The Doctor is excited and also amazed at the Silversmith passes between two mirror…but as always things aren’t as they look… As Josie soon realizes when one of the audience members returns to her seat alittle different after trying the mirror out for herself. This leads her and the Doctor to investigate further leading them on an “Alice through the Looking Glass” adventure….

This is a superbly written and illustrated story that keeps you wondering what will happen next and gives you feelings for all the characters involved.

I also loved that at the back of
this issue you get an inside glimpse at the creative process that goes into making these amazing comics.

You can find this wonderful adventures on sale from Titan Comics now!

8th Doctor variant
Variant cover
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