Whovian Interview: Fandom Jewellery

Today I received another amazing piece of jewellery (now I have a TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver necklace yay) from Glenda at Fandom Jewellery and wanted to know more as to goes into making such awesome pieces of nerdom/fandom art.

1) When and how did Fandom Jewellery get started?

It originally started with my daughter and I making elegant pieces of jewellery featuring Swarovski crystal and Paua, because I love paua, but not in a touristy way. See  below pics of my first 2 pieces. We then started using Czech glass buttons as cabochons and naturally segued into Goth, Grunge Fandom and Steampunk. Back then we were known as Killer Gems. Killer as my daugher was K miller and in school she had liked to sign her name, K’iller, as that was sooooo cool! And my initials are G.E.M…hence Killer Gems. https://www.facebook.com/KillerGems/ 



We were then invited to exhibit at an art exhibition in North Canterbury and from there, 4 years ago, received an invitation to Armageddon. We have now been present at almost every Armageddon Expo in NZ since Christchurch in 2013. We changed our name to Fandom jewellery a year ago as it better represents who we are now.
2) How do you come up with ideas for your designs?

Designs are inspired by the shows we watch, and by searching  existing elements that can be assembled together to create something special. Eg. A Silver rose and a Chuck sneaker shoe. So many chuckles over that when people get the significance. Sells well, as it’s a lovely piece of jewellery and those who are Whovians pick up on the relevance 🙂

3) What is your best-selling Doctor Who jewellery?

Hard to say as every Armageddon is different, but probably the charm bracelets the represent each doctor and one generic Doctor Who one that has a Blue enamel tardis, dalek, Yale key, weeping angel, astronaut, 3D sneaker, Wolf and a Trench Coat

4) What do you love about Doctor Who?

The humour and adventure. The fantasy of the possibility of time travel
5) Where can people buy your merchandise?

From my facebook page 

6) Who is your favourite Doctor?

10 – David Tennant is fantastic, followed closely by Matt Smith as 11

Glenda’s awesome Doctor Who joke:

“How many insects does it take to make a Time Lord?

10 ants!!!!”

7) Will you be coming out with 12th doctor?

(Charm bracelet etc) Yes, I have already made a charm bracelet that references the the first season of Peter Capaldi’s 12th
8) Any other new designs coming out?

Yes, as mentioned above, a generic Doctor Who charm bracelet. And a pairing of a small weeping angel with eyes closed and a charm disc that says, “don’t blink”…. I love the weeping angels 🙂

Check out some of there awesome designs below:


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