‘EXTERMINMe&peter5ATE..EXTERMINATE” – The mere sound of this battle cry from the terrifying Daleks would send me running to hide behind cushions when I was a child..even the ghostly face of the Doctor in the opening sequence would chill my bones. But time has since passed (let’s just say ‘a few years’ lol) – and several Doctors have regenerated – and now a newly reformed love has grown. Now the “whoosh whoosh’ of the TARDIS off on more shenanigans warms my nerdly lil heart.

Last year (2015) I endeavoured to emerse myself in as much Time Lordyness as I can (bank balance and free-time allowing) and this year (2016) I am aiming to do more (much more!!) of the same. So, it is with this in mind, that I welcome you to Mango Frog –  a place to show my love (and slight obsession) with all things TimeLord .





A massive thanks to QUESTION No. 6 (check them out at question-no6.tumblr.com) for my awesome illustration


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